John F Kennedy Player Model request

The title says it all i need a John F Kennedy player model i want to keep the price range from 100 to 150

um no??? dude JFK models uselly go around 1000$…

[sp]no seroisly dont pay for this kind of stuff, people wiltake advantage of you
and scam the fuck out of you.[/sp]

Some one could probably rip that from JFK: Reloaded.

What about black ops zombies? Haven’t people gotten the Fidel Castro model from it? Someone could just rip it.

Rick from Pawn Stars told me there’s not a huge market for this kind of thing, but he’s got a buddy who’s an expert on JFK models. If you don’t mind, I’ll give him a call and see if he can tell us how much it’s worth?

i don’t really think there is any real source for a JFK model, but i guess someone could get some time and make their own, but i doubt it

There’s a JFK model in Black Ops, if I remember correctly. I know someone ported it as a ragdoll, but I can’t remember if it uses the Valve skeleton. If it does, then it could probably be worked a bit to work as a player model instead.

JFK: Reloaded has some low polyed models compared to the Black Ops one.

Speaking of black ops, I’m sure some people could have fun recreating scenes from futurama with Nixon :smiley:

I remember downloading it a few months ago, but then I was pissed to find out that the model was rigged for GTA :suicide:

Playing JFK in GTA? Please links now!