John Marston Ragdoll?

I know its kinda late, but is there any john marston ragdoll? since red dead redemption its a awesome game, it could could be great to have a ragdoll for videos or photos, and john marston its like Chuck Norris x3

if you can make the ragdoll, let me know would greatly appreciate it if you make it
and if already exists, put the link here

well some guy can try to rip it from xbox but i don’t think it’s possible sorry dude D:

It’s possible, just terribly difficult. It may actually be better to just hack apart different models and piece them together, much like Ace’s Jack Marston lookalike and that old Sam fisher model.

If you managed to get John Marston into Garry’s Mod I would think that he would make an excellent Snake as long as you could head hack him onto a foxhound unit uniform. The face of Marston with all those scars is something that should be used as a badass character for machinima or comic