John Marston skin

just a skin is fine

Models can’t be ripped from 360 games without taking forever. RDR isn’t out on PC, so there won’t be a model. A citizen skin would look like shit with all this extra stuff Marston carries, and it’s highly unlikely that anyone’s going to make a model from scratch unless you pay them.


The game sold well, maybe they’ll port it for pc eventually.

I think I can take a pretty good educated guess on two things:
A. it will come out for PC
B. there will be exporting tools for it


but that will be a long time

There won’t be a PC version, because Rockstar is full of paranoid retards who think that depriving PC gamers of RDR will stop piracy/is a good idea.


Rockstar is yet another developer full of lazy bastards who use piracy as an excuse of not having to make the game for more than one platform.

Either way, Rockstar sucks for not porting RDR to the PC.

The Japanese are even worse about that kind of thing.

but halfdead made some cool citizen cowboys.
ask him…

But he Nerver Relase Citizen Cowboy only His Skin