John Marston

I’m actually surprised that I haven’t seen this anywhere yet , so here I go.
If you’ve read the title, then your probably know what I’m talking about.
We need this guy in GMod:

If I had any knowledge of model design and textures, I would gladly give a shot at this myself.
But seeing as I don’t, here’s to the person who makes one of the most badass cowboys in the west.


I think it hasnt been ported because the game doesnt exist on Pc. That hasnt stopped people before but I think it just hasnt been done cause its to hard?

You haven’t seen it anywhere because it can’t be ported and you’d have to pay for someone to make a model such as this.

It’s not that you need him for Gmod, its that you WANT him.

I honestly would like the red dead revolver characters myself

Honestly I’d like to own an aircraft carrier.

As mentioned in the other RDR and John Marston request threads created countless of times by other people who would honestly like them ported.