Johnny cage.

Johnny cage, from mortal kombat, with 2 skins and bodygroupable hair color, brown and blonde cause in the games he had both.

Referance images ahoy.

Now, the model itself could be made from the following:

Green lantern for the legs and crotch
Wesker for the sunglasses and head.
Pyramid Head for the arms, hands, and torso.
Niko for the shoes if you wish.
Also, could you headhack him onto the tuxedo model for his alt? If you wish, i could do the skins, or you could, up to you.

Also, you dont have to have the arm/shinguards, simply armbands around the wrist are fine, like this

If you wanted, you could also have wraps around his arm like

Infact i’d prefer you did it like the above pic, including the “Johnny” Tattoo.

With bodygrouped sunglasses even.

I support this but Tatoo’d Cage look’s like an Ape.

I support

I love him…Support 1000%

Can’t go wrong with Johnny Cage.

Found a good torso in PYRAMID HEAD!

Why the fuck is pyramid head useful in making johnny cage, makes as much sense as raiden being useful to make MK ninjas.

I dont get it either, but it works.

[sp]im referencing shotups model hacks that i requested and sorta guided him on, you know, the 10 pack of ninjas.[/sp]

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Okay, so all the models to make johnny are listed, 'cept for shoes, i guess you can use Niko or something.

Now we need someone willing to do this and all the face flexes…