Johnny Kleblitz

can someone get johnny from lost and the damned people have been asking since it came out just do it already geez

and luis damn it please

I was going to eventually port Johnny, Niko and Luis with nice finger and face posing and all that, but my disc drive is broken so I can’t even install my newly-purchased Episodes from Liberty City. I’ll have to buy a new one because my current one is being a jackass.

Luis and Johnny are in GTA IV as well, not just the DLCs. If you can’t get them from Episodes from Liberty City then just get them from GTA

Hey Henry you should get Jimmy Hopkins from Bully aswell. Theres a version of bully on the PC!!!
That would be cool having all of rockstars characters in like one game.
Manhunt characters would be cool too.

yeah manhunt 2 ragdolls would be the shit man


jasons right. johnnys in the level where your doing the drug deal and the guys undercover and luis is in the bank robbery mission

Luis and johhny dont have as much detail on them, well luis dosent

That’s why I didn’t want to port them from GTA IV.


Their models suck, and Johnny is different

Really? Didn’t notice that, well I never played Ballad Of Gay tony and I barley play The Lost and Damned

I just noticed their models in Spark IV and in some character selection mod I have

ok will anyone do this?

Yeah that would be cool to have all the rockstar characters :smiley:

henry it is your destiny to look at my manhunt thread and port those models lol jk

no I don’t want to :saddowns:

well i did say and i quote “lol jk” lol jk lol

Luis from original GTA 4 looks like a pig

And Johnny looks like he is sick with some sort of pale skin

EFLC skins hell yeah!

Hey Henry, I can send you Luis and Johnny the Jew peds via Steam bro!

If you agree please post below me

wait, did you get them? if you did can you send me them?


Let me pack them up in .zip and I will publish them here

when are you planning on publishing? and did you already rip them?

I have a feeling he just has them in a SMD or a max saved file format

So there done? Rigged?