Johnny The Homicidal Citizen.

Hi, as you can tell by my avatar I love Johnny The Homicidal Maniac.

I was wondering if it’s possible (I’m not very good at skinning or making player models or anything of the sort really.) for someone to make me a JTHM player model.

Basically I want this citizen model:

With a black shirt with black and white stripes on the arms that says: Z(with a ? underneath it) on the front

Kinda like in this picture:

and on the back of his shirt I want in a big box kinda like the one on the front of his shirt that says, “This is my back” (one word per line)
black shoes
And blackish grey pants to end it all with.

in the end he should look something like this:

Except he should still have that civilian head (no need to change his hair)

I am not good at skinning/modeling or anything of that sort so if someone could help me with this it would be much appreciated.

Oh and please do not make this skin/model replace anything

Edit: Please only make a ragdoll and player model. DO NOT REPLACE ANY MODELS

What would really be sweet is if someone went ahead and stylized it like the Invader Zim pack.

So you need skining and hexing? Not so hard.
Probably someone will do this, good luck.

Wait…this is from Zim? What episode? Was he just concept art?

Its a completely diferent thing mate, just the drawings were made by the same artist.

Yea, someone brought up Zim, made me wonder.

It’s Johnny The Homicidal Maniac…Written by Jhonen Vasquez. It’s a comic book…same humor as zim but more…dark and gory. :stuck_out_tongue: BUT! He was in the Halloween episode of invader zim…but you only see him for literally half a second.

But yah I would love it if someone would do this for me!


Hmm…cool I didn’t know how hard this would be…didn’t sound too complicated to me though.

So…anyone willing to work on this?

I can skin, though I’m not worth asking. I suck.

yahhhh…I’d rather have someone who knows what they are doing and have it come out good instead of someone who just wants to get it done because it looks bad :frowning:


Oh and if you also turn this into a Npc aswell I will love you forever who ever does this…but it is not needed :slight_smile:

So…anyone willing to do this?

I’ll take a crack at it, you want the face green?
Oh and I can’t make a player model or an npc, but I can make the ragdoll.


Uploaded, here is the file:

Sorry if it’s not to your expectations, it’s the best I could do.

^you are awesome. I guess I can find someone to make it a playermodel…

If its been hexed from the GMod citizen it will be a playermodel, you just need a lua for it or the model manipulator tool.

I could try a player model later but it it may be some time

I might see a movie


and hmmm I could get the model manipulator tool…Would rather just have a playermodel though…


Oh and Z? means Question Sleep.


Hmmm model manipulator makes npcs look like him but when I use it on myself I go into the Minge Position (anatomical postion) where I’m in the shape of a T…

Someone please make it into a player model now…I love the ragdoll very much…I just need it as a player model now!

Player and NPC done

You did a GREAT job on this. Thank you TheWarnMan for making the ragdoll/skin and Jason278 for the playermodel/npc. Thank you both very much for your time and effort put into this.


Oh and its 278

Yah I just noticed that…SORRY!


Please close this thread now…The request has now become a release!