JohnnyThunders's Servers | TTT Server

It’s a Trouble in Terrorist Town server with a bunch of custom stuffs on it.
By “custom” I don’t mean overpowered weapons, but
[li]Custom vote menu (no more RTV or map rotation)[/li][li]Stats-tracking (Kills, deaths, rounds as innocent, rounds as traitor and rounds as detective) TEMPORARELY REMOVED[/li][li]When you die, it shows in the chat who killed you and if he was a traitor/innocent/detective[/li][li]Jihad weapon[/li][li]FastDL[/li][li]Laser trip mine COMING SOON![/li][/ul]

I’m open to suggestions to make the server more enjoyable.


  1. Custom vote menu is a feature already in TTT where a majority can decide any map via a simple map fretta vote system probably making your system the same or exactly what i am talking about.

  2. I hope to god that the when you die showing who killed you and their role is for your eyes only if so be more clear about that.

  3. What you say about your custom MOTD is not very special as MOTD’s are set up for HTML which gives practically endless possibilities.

Otherwise everything else is fine if you like custom stuff.

It only prints to YOUR chat.
And mine is a TTT only server, so I cannot use the fretta map menu.

Looks interesting…

ttt_fretta_mapvoting 1

Uses Fretta map vote only, no gamemode vote.
Been in TTT for a while now.

Thanks, for the information, I didn’t check the changelogs for a long time, and when I made the vote menu script there was no fretta mapvoting.

I’m bored anyway… connecting :wink:

Edit: Ughh never mind, Gmod broke.

Bumping this, guys, I seriously need more people on the server.


New server IP:

I fixed a bunch of script I had there, and I’m developing some more weapons (laser trip mines)

Looks kinda fun actually, I’ll join now :buddy: