Johns Day Out - Volume #1

A silly interactive video i did, alot of experimental effects were used during the making of this so some stuff might look dodgy.

Basiclly a bunch of people commented suggesting what should happen to john and i took the best ones and made them a reality.

Hope i haven’t gotten rusty, i haven’t done a gmod video in quite some time.

I like this.

Words cannot describe.

Great, as can be expected from you Mad.

This is great. But I still like your comic more.

That was amazing, Mad.
Your fight scenes are god-like.

I especially liked the dragon and pony scenes.

Well, now I’ve seen everything.

amazing comarade!

I must say, this is indeed a win, well played good sir, you have made me laugh.

good job w/ the ponies

Nice to see you back in action again madman.

This is just awesome, amazing work there madman.

nope, and you never will get me!

I’m really impressed, nice work!

itt: Nexus wants no fun allowed (to understand: he rated dumb (so I be silly and bring jokes from it))

That was amazing!

Wow. Amazing. I love it.