Join Civil Protection

First try with SR.

I would’ve used Catmull’s Camera but I didn’t know how Source Recorder worked.

So much of a pain converting all of the files.

(Also if someone can help, I use the Machimina hands swep and when you film a player WALKING it seems to record the player kind of laggy-jumpy, but nothing else is.)

It’s [media].

A bit too depressive for a recruitment video.

Make it seem more like a adventure not a job where you have a 90% fatality rate.

Make some catchy logos.

Also, I totally agree with you.

I had a perfect idea for a rebellion recruitment video (this was for an RP server), but he didn’t need it. I had the dramatic feeling stuck in my head and really wanted to make something like that.

(* = me)

:sigh: Lets do this.

Put this on. It will take a while to synchronize your voice, just wait.

Why am I doing this? I am betraying all of the citizens. And Gordon.

“Your NEW name: AO:1223 Sector 17. City 17.”

That looks more like rebellion recruitment video because it shows how depressing everything is under combine dominion.

Something like the combine nation trailer would have worked better. But good effort.

I think some sort of comedic value would’ve been good. Like, “Here to severe and defect.”