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[EU]GetRusted Wiped 19/3/14 // Vanilla // Airdrops // Sleepers ON // Active Admins // Arena

Join our amazing server with active admins,
we’ve got some nice events like arena:

THE ARENA deathmatch 3v3 , 5v5 or 10v10
First time in our deadly arena , saturday 22 march (22-03-2014)
13:00 gmt +1 , winner team reward is supply grenade.
we will fight with team red and team blue.
-1 round last man standing , if your the last man standing of both teams u get the reward.

-2 rounds team fight. start ur team and fight to the death with other teams. winning team gets 1 supply grenade.

weapons are supplied by admins (p250 , mp5 , m4 and bolt) its pure ur shooting skills.
after the arena u return the weapons and the admins will bring the reward to your home.

make sure to be there !

we’ve some simple rules:

The rules are:

-No racism
-Act mature
-Griefing is allowed but dont brag about it
-No offensive languages.

Join us today! IP:

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