Join our server RUSTCOMM.CO.NR Sharing, Oxide, 1/4 Craft, PVP - California, US

Hello everyone and thanks for reading!

This server wiped on 01/10/2014.

We are running the Oxide mod! Please type /help in chat for details!

As of right now, our admin staff will be rrrank, Retson, and Gromkill. We will be playing as normal players and there will be zero admin abuse. Item creation, airdrop manipulation, any and all of the above is off the table. I want this to be an enjoyable experience for all and I believe that this is the only way to obtain that and I also believe that this is the way the game was meant to be played.

Things such as wipes will be determined based on polling on the forum and what I deem to be popular opinion from in-game chat. I definitely do not want to do it at a pace higher than required, so please feel to provide any input on our forum! As far as hacking / botting / exploits, please post on our website in the appropriate section and your inquiry will be handled when possible. Please note that I am gainfully employed, full-time, and will likely be unavailable from 6 AM to 4 PM EST, Monday through Friday. I also have somewhat of a social life, but that is standard fare. I will probably slowly recruit a few additional admins over time in order to match some timezones.

Hit F1 to bring up your console and enter the following:


Server Features:

1.PVP = On
2.Sleepers = On
3.Craft time = 1/4
4.Door sharing = On
4.Airdrops = 5 players. ‘Explosives’ component of C4 REMOVED from loot table. Everything else drops as normal.

C4 cannot be crafted here, but it DOES drop as normal.

Chat Commands:



Just wiped 01/10! Starting fresh! Come join the fun!