Join the Client Side.

Okay, this has nothing to do with star wars cliche, I’m actually curious about wether or not I can take weapons into servers client side, and still use them.

I know there are different lua’s that work client side, so is there anyway to have my sweps clientside?

Not without a special serverside script.

aVoN is correct.

And can I ask, what is the serverside script? I’d like to put it on mine.

You do realize that allowing players to upload their own lua means a ridiculously large security hole?

And this is why we can’t have nice things.


Can you set your server to automatically send maps? I only game on the private server I set up with friends.

Use a FastDL?

Either it’s the serverside part of the weapon (what you didn’t asked for) or it’s an addon, which allows clientside-weapons in some ways. There are different possibilities like uploading the serverside code (bad idea due to security holes) or having a “base-weapon-script” which creates the serverside part of a weapon using clientside “descriptions” what the weapon should do (bullets, firerates etc)