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Ok guys i made this a LOOOOOOONG time ago, but i wanted to show you this so you can see how noob i was at gmod movie making… feel free to rage/mock/tell me its shit etc.

You knew the video was terrible but you posted it here anyway. Obvious troll is obvious

I had such high hopes when “Fortunate Son” started playing… sigh

Then it turned to shit…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if my PhD in Human Psychology written on the back of a Burger King napkin means anything, I would say he was hoping he had high expectations of himself, and he posted this hoping we, the people of Facepunch, would tell him “Oh no, you’re being too hard on yourself, it was actually good.”

nope i actually new it was gay and noob cause many gmoders told me so

“Noob” is an adjective now?

For kids it’s everything.

Kids these days.

Why would you post it then?