Join Today and get 300wood Planks! [EU] Oxide |Door Sharing|PVP|Slepers|Whiped 17.1|

Multiplay :: [EU] Oxide |Door Sharing|PVP|Slepers|Whiped 17.1|

JOIN TODAY AND GET 300Wood Planks !! Its only today

Is a new server ,
Atm there is no airdrops, we want to let the players settle in
ppl who want to join in are more than welcome :slight_smile:

  • Doorshare
  • PVP
  • Slepers
  • Active admins
  • Noob friendly

We have Oxide installed
So you can share your doors with your friends!

/Who to se whos online
/History to se chat history

Craft time = 3/4

( F1 ) Net.connect

Server is hosted in stocholm
50slot’s server

Server admins :



Server Was Whiped today 17/1/2014

Hope to se you ingame !