What up, since I’m so cool, I decided to help a friend out, it’s a pretty new RP server called “ | DarkRP [FastDL|CustomClasses|BETA]”.
The map is “rp_downtown_v2”, I’ll include some pictures if I can figure out how… The img brackets aren’t working. D:

Server IP -

Basically, the same map every other server has on.

Right now, since it’s pretty new, I think there’s not really anything in it yet, like wiremod and all those other ones. Cuurently one admin, the owner, he has yet to setup everything because, like I said, it’s pretty new. Basically this whole thing is like a baby right now.

Personally, I have yet to try this as I have no time, so I’m not going to lie and say it’s super good or anything. As the week goes by, if I have time, I’ll update this post. However, I am asking you(the player, derp) to give this server a shot, join when it’s populated. If you would like, ask questions, I’ll help as much as I can.

TL;DR version - New server, rp_downtown_v2, help populate, TTT in the future, custom classes, server in beta, ask questions, I’ll try to answer.

Just another RP server out of the 50 million here.

I know, right? :3

Simple answer


Damn Aced, I wish I was as cool as you… D:
Now my dreams are broken and dead.

Wait you’re cool? How can that be?

Here are your flaws: [rp_downtown_v2,custom classes] I think that this is another minge heaven.

Another DM-fest, downtown, custom classes, shitty guns.

This server is really derp, why did you make a thread for a server that isn’t setup yet?


And the name?


Why not?


It shows how immature you are and instantly puts off a lot of people.

^ This.

85% of these adverts are shit anyway.

I agree.

Sorry dude, pass.

Awww… I’m sorry my friends aren’t serious about games like you, please don’t hurt us! D:

I’ve posted this before…

Then you and your friends don’t need to advertise your server, play with your friends and get out.

Why should i pick this, instead of 50 millions other servers?