Joining a server is apparently a no go

Recently I have tried to play rust again as I took a break from it. I start my game and try to join a server only to find out that the game will close as soon as it tries to load the map. I dont want anyone telling me to share my specs because I know they can run the game at least decently. I can run it on fast for about 35fps btw. Now what might be a problem is I switched to Windows 10 since I’ve been on break, so I dont know if Windows 10 is supported or not. I will gladly appreciate if someone were to help me fix my problem considering I dont want 20$ to go to waste. I’ve wasted enough money on games I either dont like anymore and find boring or the game I found out I couldnt run.

Same with me Except I’m still running windows 7.

No specs no help.
Saying that it runs on fast at 35 shows that your Laptop cant handle this game.
And im running this game on Windows 10 without a problem.

How can it be wasted? Its still in your Library and it wont vanish there.
Someday you will be able to afford a gaming rig. Cheers.

lol Well for starters, I dont not have a laptop I have a desktop. And also I am pretty sure specs are not my issue considering I have played it before. And also it would be a wast because I cant play it. Basically its like having 20$ that is inside a glass case and the only way to get to it is to buy a hammer that costs 300$. And also my computer is not some piece of shit office computer, it is actually meant for gaming its just a little old for the newer games coming out. Also a computer can handle a game as long as it has about 25-30 fps at least, and I know you probably already know this but a computer cant handle a game that is on lowest settings with 5 fps.

rather than assuring the forum what it isn’t, maybe you should just post your actual specs? you are asking us to trouble shoot for you, help us to help you.

So you mean you don’t know?

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Oh dude, it’s our duty to fix it for him. Duh, that’s why ‘they’ pay us. …oh wait.

I love how on every thread in which anyone talks about frames, or crappy loading times, you manage to slip in some of your hatred toward laptop gaming.(high shrill voice) YOUR MOTHER WOULD BE ASHAMED YOUNG MAN!!!

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Garry told me I was getting paid for this. WHERE’S MY MONEY BITCH (i’m joking garry, you don’t owe me anything, plz don’t ban me for the love of God)