Joining Gmod Server: Getting Addons

Ok so I just recently deleted gmod and reinstalled so I could have a fresh install. Now whenever I join a gmod server it will say getting addons (addon id here) and it takes FOR EVER. Even after I have downloaded all of the addons and have successfully joined the server, it will go through getting addons (addon id here) very slowly if I try to reconnect. Before I did a fresh reinstall, It would say getting addons (addon id here) for literally 10 seconds. Now it just takes for ever to join any server even after I have already downloaded all of the servers addons. Anyone have any idea why it is doing this?

This is probably due to the server not having FastDL set up correctly. Can you post a console log of after you join a server doing this?

The thing is, it couldn’t be the server that doesn’t have fastdl setup correctly because I am trying to join a server that I am a regular on and it never took this long before. I’ll still post a console log here shortly when it finishes joining a server.

I would also like to mention that it is doing it on my server as well. Only started doing this since I reinstalled gmod =(
I even had my buddy join my server and he didn’t have to go through the long ass process of Getting Addons.

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Oh wait. Nvm. That is weird. I just uninstalled gmod and installed it onto second harddrive and now it randomly started functioning like normal :pwn: