Joining parts on a table?

Well basically what I did was make a command that uses args[3+] as a ban reason, however I don’t know how to get those. I am currently using args[3] which only gets that one word :confused: How would I get all the args of 3+?

local a, b, c

a = table.remove( args, 1 ) --arg 1
b = table.remove( args, 1 ) --arg 2
c = table.concat( args, " " ) --ban reason

Great, thanks.

[lua]table.concat( args, " ", 3, #args )[/lua]

Doing it this way removes the need to remove arg1 and arg2.

[lua]table.concat( args, " ", 3 )[/lua]

You don’t even need the #args :eng101:

Did not know about this, thanks.