Joining Server Problem (not sure if DDoS or not.)

when i try and join my server it goes into the loading screen beneth loading it says “Connecting” after a while it just goes back to the server selection without saying anything went wrong. i had gotten kicked off the server and when i tryed to restart Rust it said it needed to update. i tried just launching now same thing. did the update and still same thing. i can join some other Community servers but not others or myown. is this the DDos?, if so fair enough and i’ll leave it be if not is this a bug?.

its DDos

its the DDOS my friend. try again later when the lovely French child turns off his attack =(

Nah DDoS is different

put it in windowed and tried to join. it pops up in the background “Failed to join” it doesn’t display the message if the window is large. only if it’s small??? i dunno.

If you press F1, the console turns up. You can see if the connection is failing or not.

well it’s a guy he has fucket up the game bigtime the thing he want is free serverhosting hes a france man and i don’t know more

This isnt DDoS.
Read here:

In short, currently if you can’t join a server, blame it on the Ddos

“System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” is the error i get trying to join.

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and why DDoS a community server that has 2 people on it???

Because its NOT a DDoS. Its a completely different kind of attack.

I swear to god so much misinformation going on. No wonder its taking over four days to fix at this point.

Some info on this login problem - it appears to be computer specific (my brother can get into my server on his computer no problem). I can join other servers without problem, just not the server we play on. I know this isnt the DDos attack but after reinstalling the game (also tried deleting the folder once uninstalled) , restarting the comp, router, modem and releasing the IP, I have not fixed this. Could this be the server rejecting my IP or something? would love some suggestions on what to try to fix it.

But it is a DDoS attack, just one that uses a vulnerability in the netcode to allow them to DDoS all the servers at once. Even the devs are calling it a DDos.

Here is the wiki for DDoS ill bold the relevant point.

Omg you people are awful lol.
Who cares what it really is? Misinformation? People just want to play a video game, not get a lecture in networking.
DDoS, exploit, everyone knows what everyone else is talking about: The servers are broken.

Also, RasDuppy, no matter how many threads you post into with the same pictures it’s going to be the same answer. It is not your computer, it’s either the attacks or the server. It has nothing to do with installing the game/restarting your computer/powercycling your router. That is the exact same error that everyone is getting. Wait it out.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Really?! Please read before making posts… It is clearly my computer - I can get in on other computers first try - so please dont act like you know what you are talking about…

Thank you :slight_smile:

Dude, I DID read your posts. Whether it’s your computer or not that error message is exactly the same as the one that everyone gets during the attacks. Are you sure that the other computer is trying to connect to the same server? The reconnect button on the F1 console will connect you to whatever server you were on last, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re just accidentally connecting to a different one.

Ya and this random server had my big house and all my stuff in it… I had to get onto another computer to close my doors in my house… so yes I am sure it is just this computer and this server…

So if someone is bleeding, is it always a gunshot wound or knife wound? There are many types of attacks. This attack simulates a DDoS attack, but uses a Ulink gap in the coding to take servers down.

While this attack simulates a DDoS, its not. Its a major issues with Ulink and their coding.

Devs are not calling it a DDoS, Garry himself said it wasn’t a DDoS on a blog. Its was a coding issues with Ulink that is allowing them to then DDoS the servers. Fix the Ulink coding problem, it doesn’t happen anymore.

They are indeed denying us access to our services, but every attack on the internet isn’t a DDoS.

You’re arguing semantics, not facts, arguments can be made for either interpretation. And to reply to OP, this is not an issue with your computer. It’s complete luck that your brother can log in and you can’t. If he is able to continue playing without experiencing lag/rubberbanding/desync from the attacks, that is odd, however if he eventually succumbs to the same fate as the rest of us then it simply means he got in to the server before the attack happened again. I’ve seen this happen too where my favorite server is populated but i get the same connection error as you in the console. For now, all we can do is wait until this exploit is fixed and then we can figure out if your issue is separate.

This is not luck - hours and hours of hundreds/thousands of failed attempts and he can get on either account with little problem (multiple times on/off) - he has this error maybe once (just did it first try)… It must be an IP issue or something - maybe this server not is refusing my connection or something (which happen when DDos is happening, but this seems permanent) I have started to download it on another computer to check if it is my IP. I will post back soon