Joining STALKER hands and Weapon anims into one

So, im porting a few guns from STALKER: Call of Pripyat to gmod, but im stuck because i need the v_ anims of the hands and weapons into one, how can i join them without needing to reanim/rerig?

I’ve seen it done before, so im pretty sure its possible.

Just import hands & weapon + their rigs into the same scene, save as new model and setup the qc to play (for example) the hand animations + the weapon animations (as deltas) as 1 sequence. IIRC the weapon’s animations should put the gun into the vm-arms’ hands.
Assuming you know how to extract animations ofc, it shouldn’t be too hard…?
Hope that made sense, feel free to ask if something wasn’t clear enough.


On a less than decent pc right now, so I can’t record the animation playing, but it works.
Just a small thing I did out of boredom and to proof that it works.
As stated above, I imported both models in Milkshape 3D (since it has a plugin to import XRay Models+Animations), exported as “wpn_desert_eagle_hud.smd”, loaded the wpn-part of the reload animation, exported as “wpn_desert_eagle_hud_animation_desert_eagle_reload.smd”, removed the animation, did the same with the hand-part (wpn_hand_desert_eagle_hud_animation_desert_eagle_reload.smd.
Then I set up the qc as seen in the image above and compiled. 2 things need to be done though (not including the obvious missing textures):

  1. The rotation is wrong. I had to rotate the whole model in HLMV to take the screenshot. Should be possible to fix that by messing with the origin rotation and “rotate” in various sequences. I just assume that you’ll be able to do that.
  2. The origin is also wrong. Same as above, manually adjusted the position in HLMV, but it should be possible to get the same origin the game uses by digging through the files, more specifically the weapon config files.

I hope that I was able to help you and wish you good luck with your project.