Joining / Unconnected

I’ll start off saying that I’m new to FP. It seems to be a great source of help and hope I’m in the right section!

So, I suddenly out of nowhere got the issue where ONLY the first person, literally only the first person will join as Joining / Unconnected. The rest of the players join as the default job, Citizen. I’ve not found how to solve this and it’s too tough for me to figure out! I hope anyone has a easy solution to solve this issue!


Do they stay as joining/unconnected for as long as they are in the sever or does it go away after a while?

Stays like that forever.

PS thanks for the reply! Been waiting

Hmm, it could be a number of things, do you have a bunch of addons? A good suggestion is to remove maybe 5 addons, see if it is fixed, and if not add those 5 back and move to another 5 till you find the culprit. It’s a pain in the ass but is generally the most reliable way.

I fixed it! I went back into all the addons and removed them one by one till it was fixed! Thank you for the help.