Joint Op forces air-droping into Russian Occupied Mid-East Town

I could say to myself that I can photoshop decently now
The Biker Ranger on the back is holding a Rapier sword.
Oh that Ranger Skater behind Ghost Skater is doing a crossbones before he lands

You’re free to post up your edits

Oh crap ‘Dropping is spelt wrong but oh well.’ (Can a Mod fix that? )

Damn, what do you smoke? Where do you get these ideas from?

Nice overall, but too yellow bullet tracers.

After playing ‘Endgame’ in CoD MW2 where you drive a speed boat. I said to myself, that kicks ass. Then later after I downloaded the MW2 Vehicle Pack. And then later I said to myself…“Hummz, a Tactical Bicycler? They had those in WW1… I’ma revive that!” Then I suddenly decided to add skate boards!

Well, this picture is nice, but blatantly inaccurate. There’s no way they’d use that camo pattern in a Middle Eastern town.

very artistic but very funny i didnt know what to rate you

haha that’s awesome

First thought - What the fuck

Second thought - What the fuck

Third thought - What the fuck

Final thought - What a fucking awesome screenshot

Come one, have you played Rainbow 6: Vegas 2? It doesn’t matter what camo you wear as long as it looks AWESOME.

Speaking of AWESOME, that picture is as close to win incarnate as I’ve seen this month.

I love how the guy is getting hit by the speedboat. Nice!

This is great.

Boat on the desert?



Alrighty I just stuck up some good theme music for this thread


You won.

those russians are fucked

an accurate depiction of modern warfare 2

Another kick ass picture of skate-boarding soldiers! But now it has boat ones too!

So much awesomeness.

And BMX bikers…