Joint Operation Operation resize.jpg


cliq da muddafuggin pikcha 2 c dem in muddafuggin full syz.

Grrrr…how’d you get the BSAA?

Eh, I’m over these guys already. I just played the RE6 demo and the new BSAA NPCs look cooler to me.

yeah but still those models are really nice!

Do you have link to the bsaa ragdolls you used?
I really really really would love to try them out…

They aren’t public yet bro

They’re private.

Aww…when will they be public? They looks so awesome and fun to make scenes with…

Ya dun a good jorb, there.

When they’re done, the author (I won’t say his name because I feel like some people would spam him with “omg pls gib me bsaa mudel pls ;-;” messages" hasn’t done face flex’s yet and feels like there incomplete with out them.

could somebody told me how to do lightning like the walker’s pic?

I know who it is already.

How do you make shadows like on wesker ?

Wesker isn’t in this picture.

Shit ! Guy on the second picture looked like wesker to me )

Wow love the lighting in the first picture, but the ‘eyes’ on the guys either side of Chris look just a tad bit saturated to me. :slight_smile:

I still want to know how do you do shadows on second pic…

It’s one lamp above one guy’s head. I don’t see how that requires explanation.

It is just when I put a lamp above ragdoll shadows still looks like crap…

You gotta put a lamp in front of th guy, behind him, and soemtimes on the side somewhere-just to get the right “effect”. Just have to play around with it until you’re happy with it.