Joint Tool - Manipulate Jigglebones, Helper Bones, or Any Other Bone Without a Physics Object

Not going to make this post that fancy.

This is a hodge-podge thing I threw together to sate several requests I’ve had for a remake of the Toe Poser for GM13. I extended the functionality to all non-physics-object bones - fingers, toes, jiggle, helper, what have you. If it doesn’t have a physics object, which is to say you can’t move it with the physgun, then you can manipulate it with this tool.

There are no fancy things, like adjustable settings, or even a toolgun UI name or description. The tool is functional, and that’s it.

It’s applications as of now are a bit limited, but it opens doors for modellers to add more complete support to their models. Where modellers currently have to tinker around with the Finger Pose, awkward physics objects, or flexes to add control to certain elements of specific models, this is no longer the case. All a model needs in order to be supported by this tool is a bone. It doesn’t need a physics object, or any special naming convention adherence, or flexes. Just a bone.

Some applications include moving a ragdoll’s jigglebones remotely, moving helper bones such as the clavicles or spine4 in HL2 ragdolls, adjusting the faceposing of many of the Mass Effect ports beyond their flex limitations, bending fingers beyond the Finger Poser’s limitations, and so much more.

Like I said. No fancy post. Just a release and some basic information. The tool is functional, and that’s about it.

When using the Finger Poser in conjunction with Joint Tool, you may find any changes you have made with the Joint Tool become undone when you use the Finger Poser. Simply press the “Reassert” button for a given bone to revert that bone to what changes it had done before you used the Finger Poser. With that being said, I recommend that, if you choose to use the Joint Tool, you use the Joint Tool to do your fingerposing as well. It may be a bit less graphically friendly than the Finger Poser, but it gives you a lot more control and makes your life easier than having to constantly Reassert.

Download Joint Tool Alpha 1.12 here




“Joint Tool”

I expected something else.

Very cool tool.
This clearly helps with finger posing a lot better. Now models are no long restricted by certain limits.


Good tool. Can you fix it for GMod 12, please?

Can you provide download on other site? I can’t download from filesmelt.

so after downloading the tool, it shows up in my game… but how do i use it to actually select something and pose it?

HOLY CRAP. I have been looking for something like this for so long! Thank you thank you thank you!

One quick question though: How do you rotate joints that aren’t on the end of limbs? I can’t position any wrists, necks, or ankles.