jojo's allstar battle models?

since the game was just released in the US (was out for a year outside the US)

would someone try to get models from the game?

there was a thread on xentax about it but there was no progress.

can the files necessary be extracted from a disc without putting it’s integrity in jeopardy?

im actually not sure, il probably talk to someone to confirm that.

What do you mean exactly? Extracting files from a game doesn’t do anything to it, I’m not sure I understand

I’ve had a physical copy of the game sitting around since it came out, I’d offer to pull the files from it but I don’t want to mess up the game or anything. Though if it can be done without messing it up I’ll gladly try to help.

if your able to access the files just copy and paste to a folder on your desktop or something

It won’t do anything

The files on the Blu-Ray are encrypted, so you’ll need a PS3 with custom firmware if you want to extract them properly.

So anyone with a custom firmware ps3 and a spare copy of jojo? Only just found this site thinking I might be in luck with this thread, knew it would be to easy to get that lucky in 20 mins.

Sorry for the old bump, but…

I’ve figured out a way to extract models from Jjba:asb! I have a download for every raw model and how to extract them. Here’s the link

Step 1.) Go the models folder which is located in Jojo source folder\spc

Step 2.) Use this Link to figure out which models you want to use, Here’s more info on that

Step 3.) Take the model to xfbin fixer and then open up start.bat. After that type in “cpk_unpack blank.xfbin” (blank being the model or texture name). After that you should have another of the same filetype but with a .out after it’s name

Step 4.) Open up Noesis and open up blank.out.xfbin and your model/texture should turn up! From there you can just export the model/texture. Despite getting this far I’ve been having some trouble with the textures as I couldn’t get them to align up correctly in their current state…

Edit:Here’s a model of Polnareff and part of his texture


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Your a legend.

Thanks, but I can’t take all of the credit. I browsed google for about half an hour, and I finally stumbled upon a website telling me what to do with the extracted .cpk data.

Where do i get xfbin fixer?

It should be in the MEGA folder

Sorry for the bump, but I’m needing these models, and found this thread.

I know why they don’t align - the textures are vertically inverted. Just make it upside down in photoshop and:

The problem is that the models have no bones on them. I’m not sure if they are on a different file, I’m trying to decompile everything that I can.

I did some searching around in the model files a while back and found the names of bones so they’re definitely in there. I haven’t found any way to get the bones from models but since this runs on the same engine as the Naruto Ultimate Ninja games if you could find a program to extract the bones from there, you could probably do the same for All Star Battle’s models.

Hey, any idea where i can get the sound files of the game? I’v been lookign for months and this thread si the closest i’v got to opening the game data, altho the Noesis tool only seems to be good for getting models and textures, also, is that the full disc content you have in that MEGA folder?