Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven models

I managed to get the models (unconverted) from the game, it’s pretty similar to how I did it for All Star Battle. Extracting the models is the same sort of thing too.
For those of you who already have the models (I’ll put out a file with all of them soon) here’s a guide to help you:
Here’s the link to the models
Here’s how to extract models
Here’s a guide of how the files work, this is subject to change and doesn’t apply to every model in every folder or area
Here’s a guide to the abbreviation of the character names, feel free to tell me more of them.

Edit: Heres All Star Battle stuff if anyone wanted to give it a look

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First Milan, you’re awesome. I didn’t expect someone to upload the models so soon! Thank you for posting the one for ASB as well, it was of great use. But I looked into the MEGA folder and all I find is the bod files, and I didn’t see any col ones like for the ABS models, so I have the models, but not the textures D=
Did I miss something, maybe they’re not located in the same folder, in the spc-PS3? I see in your screenshots you do have the textures, can you please tell me where they are located?
Anyway, thanks again!

EDIT: How stupid, I should have looked closer before asking. It wasn’t in the subfodder PS3 but really in the spc fodder, like in ASB.

Was someone able to find bones or animation in Eyes of Heaven or ASB?

I’ve tried looking for an application capable of extracting with bones intact, but I haven’t found anything so sorry about that. If someone found a program that could rip the bones from the Naruto Ultimate Ninja games, then it would most likely work here as they’re both on the same engine.

So will I be able to convert the models into a usable format for, say, Blender?

Yes, because Noesis can export the 3d models in a lot of different formats. Although the uvs will be messed up, but that can be fixed by flipping them or the textures that go on them.

Ah good.

Also, let’s say I wanted to rig these models for a Source game and release them on a mod website. Would you be cool with that (giving you due credit and what-not)

It’s fine, I didn’t make these models so it’s not up to me to say if you could do that or not. I don’t really care for credit for that same reason, so no worries there (but thanks for considering it)

Alright man. I do plan on porting these over to some source game. Probably TF2… Although finding which character goes to which class will be tricky.

Or I could just make a Jotaro & Dio skin for CounterStrike…

In the words of Funny Valentine: "YES, YES!!"

In longer words, it’s a shame that the models don’t import with rigging though. If it were easy to get the bones for these, I’d go on a porting spree with these things.

The model format looks to be almost exactly the same as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U’s (or rather, Namco-Bandai’s “ND/NT” format). I just need to set up the MaxScript I already have made for SSB4U’s models to support the currently-unsupported formats in JoJo’s models (unrigged model chunks import perfectly without any modifications), and we’ll have the ability to get rigged models from that game sooner rather than later!

(EDIT: Just need to merge the “nuccChunkCoord” bone data into a single file, organized file and I should be able to resume progress.)

(EDIT 2: Got the rigging to import and almost got the bone structures working. Getting closer!)

This is great news! I’m really looking forward to this. I’ll be sure to update the OP when this is ready, thanks a lot.

Getting closer, I goofed with the bone position calculations but everything else is working alright.

(EDIT: Having some technical difficulties with a good chunk of the XFBIN files and my QuickBMS script for those, and it’s taking longer than expected to get those bone positions fixed. Rest assured, I will figure this out soon enough.)
(EDIT 2: These XFBINs are more complicated than they need to be…)

Looks good so far. I guess I should be thinking of what models to rig to which classes for TF2. So many choices…

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Will the ASB bones work with this method?

Sorry for bumping the thread, but as I desperately need a few files, I was wondering.

Could anybody finish ripping part 3 Dio and part 3 The World’s 3D models with the skeletons/rig intact and send them to me? I need them for a 3D animation and will be more than willing to pay somebody for their services if necessary.

Hi everyone! Looking forward to seeing your work on these models. I’m new to ripping models however, and I’m wondering two things:

  • How I should go about pairing the textures and models so that these files work together, and
  • Why 99% of the ripped models I have show up with giant spheres under them like this:

Thanks in advance for your help!

I haven’t looked at this stuff for a while so I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this’ll do the trick. If you have any further problems you can send me a message.
So what you want to look at are the bod and col files. I can see that you’ve already found all the corresponding files for those so that shouldn’t be a problem.

The numbers here show the models of the character, with 01 being the original costume and 11, 21, 31, etc being the alternate costumes.
All of the textures are found in the col files, and the models are found in the bod files.

In Noesis there’s an option to convert these files into whatever format you want when you export them (which can be done by right clicking, and I think there’s an option for batch extracting somewhere in there too. Extracting the bod will give you the model and some important textures. Pretty sure that bod contains the iris textures, normal maps, and something else that I don’t know the purpose of. Extracting the col file will give you the textures for the model. Now if you were talking about how to apply these textures to the model, then my bad for typing all this up. That be done in any 3d modeling program, I just use blender. Personally for me the uvs were messed up and I had to flip them vertically to make them work, but maybe that was something on my end. Keep in mind that there are multiple faces overlayed on each character for different expressions, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find the neutral one with some trial and error.

About the spheres, I don’t know why that’s there. My theory was that they did that for the circlular floor shadows that all of the characters have on the ps3 (these files are from the ps3 version, as I don’t think you can rip files from ps4 games yet) but I could be wrong, who knows? I hope this answers your questions.

I can’t find the bod files, they aren’t in the spc folder, there’s only textures.
Edit: They’re under the PS3 folder… Could have sworn I’d checked.

is there any way to make eye texture fit to eye model? already edited eye texture from side to midle but its not fit yet.or i should try uvw unwrap i to fit it? <bad english sorry :smile: