Joka pistol

Gee thanks for making the Joka Pistol a useless POS again. Doesn’t anybody control what you spend time on? Man hours wasted.

(User was banned for this post ("put more effort into threads" - OvB))

Welcome to alpha, where the balance is still being tinkered with… And have you considered that you’re just really, really bad?

Clearly you haven’t played the new Dev server eoka.

I have, but that’s irrelevant. Balance is being actively tinkered with because the game’s not finished. It’s good to know how players feel about those changes, but it strikes me that maybe you could present your argument in a less idiotic, offensive way.

Kind of like the time you wasted making this thread.

Well, I did tag it as a “Rant”, anyway the only one who should be offended is the dev who just spent xx man hours implementing functionality and animations that everyone already knew were really bad from legacy. This isn’t about balance. If you want to balance something you don’t chuck a big turd on one end of the scale.

So what games have you made? Obviously you know precisely how much time the developers are spending on different tasks, why they’re including the things that they are, and how best they ought to spend their time, so I can only assume you’re a game developer yourself. Or you’re a whiny jackass. I mean, I really can’t tell which it is…

I can’t disagree with the point you’re making, but being rude to the devs is the wrong way to make it.


Expressing an issue or discontent is one thing. Being an asshat about it is another.