Joker's Player Models

[release]Name: Joker’s hexed Player Models
Description: These are player models that people have asked me to hex over.
Install: Just click on the links below, download and place in your addons folder to install.[/release]

Pack in Progress : Rp Player Models. This pack will contain, a new mayor, guards for the mayor, a police task force, a swat task force, awesome new citizens, an army (including Medic player model), a doctor a new mobboss and better gangsters. The player models will be hexed.

Joker’s Personal Player Model

Joker’s Suit

Joker’s suit V2

Desert Urban Player Models

then there is my

MultiCam Player models

Joker’s Elite Police


Joker’s Elite Army


To install just place in your addons folder and your done.

I am constantly taking requests and I m always hexing.

ok links are fixed an i will gladly take any of your requests, email me at or just place a cmoment below


None of the files are found, also - you should edit that multi-camo guys gloves. They look as if they were painted on.

Yeah hey my bad i had to re-upload one of the luas was wrong, wil be back up real soon though


i will also look into that

It’s called Multicam. That’s what it’s called. Not “multi camo.”



you made me think there was a joker from mass effect playermodel D:
hopes crushed

lol my bad but hey il see what i can do for you :smiley:

Does it look like I care on what its called?

I don’t give a shit what you care about. Multicam is a brand, Crye Multicam. Get it right.

How to make to server download these models to player ?

Noobs…P.M. the person FOR GOD SAKES!

COOL Player Model Ever…!!!

This thread has been dead for 2 years, dude. Check the date of the last post before you make your own post next time.

Dear joker.
why does your “Joker’s suit V2” glitch on me?
the textures become “pink and black”

For God’s sake, just PM the guy.

but what is 9+10?