Jon Snow Gmod Player Model

Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone can make a Jon Snow(Game of Thrones) GMod Player model for me?

Is there a 3D model of Jon Snow somewhere?

I highly doubt someone is going to model Jon Snow from scratch. Especially for free. And I highly doubt you’re going to pay money for a single playermodel.

you would be surprised

Surprised of what? A 3D model or someone’s willingness to recreate a human anatomy in 3D for free?

The fact if it is good enough I would pay for it, not A LOT but i would pay for it

How much? Because that’s a metric fuckload of work. And nobody’s going to do anything without settling on a price first.

They did make a Game of Thrones game at some point, so that might have a model of him in it.

Jon Snow isn’t in it.

I was going to let them decide how much they felt is reasonable and then i was gonna say yes or offer another price

Oh okay, well I haven’t played it, but it was worth a shot.

Wait until TellTale releases their game presumably this fall and then you’ll have John Snow.

amazing, you made an account just to ask for this of all fucking things.