Jonah Hill Ban Appeal Amsterdam 2

Hi I am Jonah Hill I have recently been banned on the Amsterdam 2 server for trolling in the server chat.

I was harmlessly trolling in generally in the chat quite a lot with other players I just thought of it as banter as they would play along with it too. I would get a lot of people reporting me for trolling but I thought you only get banned from this game for hacking.
Then while I was playing I got a Kick Banned with the message (Fuck you Jonah Hill), I do deserve that for the trolling I did I agree all I ask is for a second chance and I will completely stop talking in the chat.

The real Jonah Hill would be ashamed to know his name is being used by you.

Everybody knows you bro, no need for that steam profile link !

Move to a different server. Clearly they don’t want you there. Use it as an opportunity to clean up your act.