Jones Upwoods overlooks the UPC Mass-Factory Complex.

jpg ver:
IMHO My best work yet.

what’s that Mass-Factory from?

My guess is that he meant mass-production.

It’s Skynet Central.
But i used it as a UPC mass-factory complex situated in the ruins of a city :v
If you didn’t get that i don’t blame you.


I’m sorry for the small-ness. the source image was quite big but i had a limited space of ground visible in the GMod pic.

Looks good… not really anyway you could fuck this up though, apart from the tiny isolation errors. I dunno, not exactly much to comment on.

Meh. i dreamt this up anyway. IMHO it’s my best work everrrr

oh my good god this is some awesome editing right there

I’d like to see original, for there is very little about posing itself.


SkyNet central was one of my favorite parts in T: Salvation.
Didn’t like the film itself as much, but at least it was better than T3.

I digress, wonderful screenshot, Max.

Oh by the way, do you ever frequent tthe TnB roleplay servers?

That’s a small resolution.

Every day i play the TRP server.
Also Awesomium 3000 Revised Director’s Cut Uncut Special SkyNET Giganormous Elite Ultimate Ultima Special Super Smexy 1.77MB Slightly Low Res 2452 x 1606 Pixels of orgasm Edition:

(Click to see the full size. it’s GIGANORMOUUUUS!)


Revised in the director’s cut ver below.


Personally I tend to enjoy the HL2 servers more, but whatever floats your boat.

I find the HL2 Servers to all be just staring at walls watching the plaster deteriorate. but as you said. whatever floats your boat.


HL2 can be very active and immersible if you play it right, but granted you actually have to develop your character without getting a gun 3 minutes into joining the server for the first time. TechCom guys wouldn’t know much about RP, they’re too busy ignoring refugees.

No, but seriously, I do enjoy TRP every now and then, but to me it just seems like most TC guys are eliteist pricks, and most refugees are minges asking for guns.

Granted, I’ve seen quite a few excellent characters from both Tech-Com and refugees.

I’m probably one of the excellent chars(Well all of my many chars) :selfwank:

I was a Tech-Com. Died, unfortunately, so I have three other characters and two on HL2. Tell me I don’t have a life.

Anyways, that’s also apretty nice landscape shot in the original, save for the skybox. Is that a custom map?

I know this black hunter from somewhere…