Joshua Graham (Fallout new vegas)

Hello everyone i just found Joshua on a web site and i upload it for all you guys :
the model include fingerposing , sorry for the shading

btv the model isn’t mine i only upload it to facepunch
thanks to kuristaja for the model

wtf is that?

it’s from fallout new vegas

The hell is wrong with the shadows?

Really? It doesn’t look like it.

O Now i remember. Still bad model.

As I’ve said before the shading looks a bit odd on the model a bit.
The vmt’s from what I can see are incredibly barebone. just a diffuse and bumpmap. A halflambert at least would be usefull. Some rimlightning and other stuff would have hurt either.

Also your material folder also has models in it.

It’s not the model, but the materials imho.

Your right it is the shading. Looks fuckin weird.

looks nice

There’s an upgraded, better looking version with new textures version on newvegasnexus… If anyone wants to convert the textures, I have no idea how to by myself.

Shading like that is caused by inverted normals (faces on the model facing the wrong direction)… or at least, it has been every time I’ve encountered it.

Reminds me of that guy from Naruto.

Could also be a flipped channel on the normal maps. I know max and source have a difference on the green channel for instance. It’s possible gamebryo and source have the same.

When I downloaded, the model didn’t work. (It was invisible) I went into the VMT files and found that the folders are wrong. You need to have it like this:
VMF/VMT: Materials/Models/Player/Kuristaja/burnedman
Model Files: Models/Player/Kuristaja/burnedman

All files in their respective folders. Then the model works.

then you need to say that to kuristaja i only upload it to facepunch

You might need to add halflamberting to the textures.

Will release soon, as well as all of the firearms from the Honest Hearts DLC. Eye, finger, some somewhat face posable (close eyes\blink).


Is that the updated Josh Graham textures mod from NV Nexus? Either way, very nice, Graham has a nice look.

In this picture, only the face. I have the other textures as a texture group, though.


Oh sweet. Looks so much better, actually burned not just a basic Raider face texture.

Reminds me of once upon a time in mexico