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Connect to GCraft -
Connect to Population - No longer running.
Connect to Sandbox -

JovaCentral is a community that has been around for about a year, and has been through it’s ups and downs like any community will/has.

Our Community/Servers include:
-A Website/Forums (
-A Custom Chatbox
-Custom Addons/Mods for Sandbox (Including custom hud/mini admin mod, and a custom scoreboard)
-[WIP]Custom Admin Mod which hasn’t kicked in yet
-An FAQ & Rules page for Population (
-Possibly More to Come

We currently host 4 servers.

[release][release]GCraft (Original) -

If you are having problems with textures, visit the following link. (None for Second GCraft server yet.).[/release]

[release]**Population - (No longer running) (The Maw’s RTS Gamemode, which is being re-scripted and will be hosted on the population server as soon as it’s finished.) Find the FAQ & Rules page here: **


[release]Sandbox (Custom Mods) -


Possibly more to come.

Population is no longer running.
New IP’s.

The Population server looks pretty neat.

Great servers, quite alot of fun!

Very nice servers I do declare.


never mind

Hmm, JovaServers. Ill have to come play sometime, Jova is a good person.

Population is no longer running.
New IP’s.
(Sorry for Bump)