Jova's Simple Hud v2

Update of version 2

Jova’s Simple Hud v2.1

—JcHUD v2.1—
-Added border to bg
-Added version on the bg while no weapons (with ammo) are out
-Added borders to Health & Ammo areas
-Added flashing health warning (Original didn’t flash | No picture)

-Changed bg color

(Updated on March 02, around 11:00 am)

Sorry to break this to you, but it still looks terrible. Did you read this tutorial?

meh, it’s better than the other version.


Simple indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Such things are better confined to the writer’s lua folder and are not worth being released on facepunch.

Eat dumb folders!!!

Eat Troll Folders! :v:

It’s meant to be simple hud :P. It’s not meant to be anything special.

I love this. Not sarcasm.

Has everything you need. I like.

meh, it’s very simple, but i’d rather use that miminalistic hud or something else. Improve it more, work on it until you finish v3 or v4, then release it as v1 or v2.

They’re boxes. Want one?


Use it please, also the font/font color is hideous.

Too much empty space for a “simple” HUD as well.


Try this as well for the notification or everything if you can make it look better.


Updated version 2, and made it look better.

I personally think its not exactly the best looking H.U.D out there and I much prefer the defualt.
I mean, Theres not really much insentive to use this.
Maybe you should try adding some new features to youre H.U.D, use youre imagination…and hiddenart skills.

The background is baaaaad, grey, black and white are always good.

I like green.