Jova's SimpleHud v1

I decided to put together some very simple hud (My first hud project, and first real lua creation), and it’s only 17 lines long, but it works. :smiley:


Spiffy - Help
Me - Most of the code

Removed the download and will release a better version in the future.

Did you have to release this?


Really :colbert:

It’s something to use if you want to replace the regular hud :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a nice start, but I agree in that there’s really not much point to releasing this. The default HUD is much better.

No slack shall be cut for the releases section. You should post stuff here that’s release worthy - if you don’t think it is, then you should not be posting it here.

Okay :stuck_out_tongue: If this isn’t going to go anywhere then I’d like an admin to lock it.

What the fiddlesticks does it do on the top left? :confused:

Red on the green… The most worst color combination

Yeah… it ain’t the best. It’s a nice start though, i look forward to your work thats worthy of the forums, if thats ever going to happen.

Definitely good for people who like minimalistic HUDs. But maybe you should put a background in to stop the colours… Umm… blending.