Joystick button 8 triggering menu

Hey, for some reason joystick button 8 is triggering the escape menu. I have game pad input disabled, and escape is only bound to the actual escape key, any one have any idea on how to stop this from happening?

If that button is mapped to the escape key, as in the joystick itself is setup in that way, then there’s nothing in gmod you can do.

Did the joystick come with software to re-map the keys?

I’m using the TX I fly my quadcopter with, no software, just straight DirectInput, so far seems like the UI controls are hardcoded for some reason, even tried running the -nojoy startup command, going to try changing the preferred device, I have a few things plugged in, not all of them give button output.


Seems to have gotten around it, but it brings up something interesting, the UI joystick controls are hardcoded in for some reason and that’s bad, not marking it as solved as this doesn’t fix the issue, it just bypasses it