Joystick Module Update

I just fixed up Night-Eagle’s Joystick Module. The only real issue it had was the buttons on the interface stopped working as derma messed them up. I have redone the buttons to use derma and all seems well. The files in the zip go into your garrysmod folder as they are not in addon format. To configure the joystick put joyconfig in your console or use the joystick button in utilities. This download also contains Lpine’s Joystick wire output with a minor modification.


You should fix it so it saves the setup in a config file or something. But good job.

Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll see what I can do.

I don’t know where to put it.

I want that joystick. Anyone know where to find it?

Here is the joystick you are aksing for

There is already a joystick patch.
Here is the link:

With this patch you also has wire outputs.

PS: You have the same joystick lime me, it’s very good.

That is basically the same thing. This version has wire outputs as well. But he did not fix the buttons or add more axis to the wire output. So this version is newer and Fully Functional.

Thank you for releasing what was already working and putting your name on it. You wonder why people are so paranoid about having their stuff stolen? Here’s why! It was working fine so basically what you did was copy and paste a few lines in the same file and called it a ‘new and fully functional version’. I do not appreciate.


And the Derma thing is pure bullshit, I’ve been using my module for months now and I’ve done no maintenance on it, stop trying to invent issues where they do not exist and then claim you magically fixed them.
Again, I do not approve and I’m starting to really dislike you intensely now. There’s a reason why this was reported so fast, I’m only sorry it wasn’t me who did.

Really then why whenever I have tried to use this the buttons would not function. Also I talked to Night-Eagle about it and he told me what the issue was so I fixed it. And if you didn’t notice I gave you credit for the bit you did. That is more then I can say about some of the stuff you have done. Also no where did I claim any of this as mine. And since there is no other place on to get this it seems you have not been doing much work on it so bugger off. Also it was Night-Eagle that coded the bit I fixed so I don’t see how you have any right to call my fix bullshit.

I don’t think that point he was trying to make, LightDemon…

Well if you make something then just let it sit there as it breaks and never seem to touch it again. Dose it really surprise you someone would try to fix it for people who wanted a working one.

I told him how to fix it and release it, damn.

For some reason this is showing my joystick as centering at about 75% on each axis. It’s really messing me up since it stops registering rolling right and pitching up about 1/3 of the way. How can I fix it?

is this newer then the one I currently have that is 3 months old? If it is will it work with those old dup’s and whats new?


This will work with old dupes. The only new thing is the calibration menu is now working.

Have you tried opening the calibration window and running an auto calibration. Once you hit the button move all the axis around and it will find the min, max, and center.

Yeah I did the auto calibration. I also tried manually changing the maximum and center variables but it changed the other variables with it and screwed everything up. :frowning:

This is really nooby, but how do i install?