JPCSP Problem

i’ve been trying to rip a better Gabe Logan model from Syphon Filter than he PS1 version, my only options are ps2 or psp, i know how to rip from psp with textures and all, ps2 i do not know how to remap the models once i rip them, but anyways ive used JPCSP all the time for other psp games and model ripping, but it seems both Syphon Filter Dark Mirror, and Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow seem to freeze completely, Dark Mirror plays until i pick a stage or start game then the fps immediately drops to 0 and it wont go any further, Logan’s Shadow starts the game and freezes randomly after a few minutes before you can do anything at the main menu at all, anyone able to help with this, i’m using jpcsp-r3560

Using Jpcsp is not really a good way to rip models from PSP games. A lot of them use a standart .gmo format that can be easily converted using Noesis without losing bones, weights and animation. Did you try extracting the contents of the game’s Iso?

yes, i don’t get any recognizable formats with noesis, i don’t extract models unless i have to, i usually rip if possible and never have any issues, extracting, UV Maps tend to mess up, and im not new to ripping/extracting btw, i can rip/extract from gamecube, wii, psp, ps2, pc, ds, and very few 360 and ps3 (depending on the game)

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i never care about bones, weights or animations anyways, i just make simple ragdoll ports for gmod

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i make my own bonesets