#JRE Savages *Fair Admin* Plugins Starter-Kit/Location/Sleepers 150 slots. FAST UPDATES/NO WIPE/NO LAG


powerful jre server. 150 slots.

groups, deathmessages, chat history.



see you in game.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

this server is the greatest.

like a boss.

are plugins currently installed?

not until they are updated by their creators.

Plugins should be updated tomorrow. This was only due to this patch messing up plugins across all of Rust. Starter packs and locations will be on though! Air drops are done hourly

this was posted 5 hours ago by rust++ creator in the modding section of this forum…

so gonna have to hold tight a little while longer for plugins.

ok, can’t wait! getting groups?

yes, we are getting groups.

i just raided someone for 2000 wood. lolol

ive seen some pretty amazing bases already.


that’s probably my base bcos its amazing.

haha, not seen it yet but i know where u live!!!

lol remember that i know where your crappy little hut is.

oh rly?


new plugins are sweet.

and incoming mass airdrop :suicide:

love this server breh