JRRP, Now open.


^^The reason I keep this logo, is because its an inside joke(spelling and rp with friend reference),
minges are allowed, But most likely will get banned if they break rules :smiley:


Phx, Wire, Moneydetector, Durgz, PCMod, Realistic CSS Weapons 4, Keypad, Conna’s Fading Door Tool.

Custom shipments, Custom Jobs, No sleep function for crashing server exploit.

Dalas,TX Location.

New server, no minges(yet)

Jobs: Normal DarkRP jobs, Boxer, Burglar, Ninja, Drug Dealer, Bar Owner, Stripper(lol), Hitman, Bodyguard,
Junk Seller, Bookie, and Admin jobs.

Maps are rp_downtown_v2 we might switch to rpw_downtown_v2 in the future.(Or a whole new map)

Visit the forums to post suggestions read changes and more!
(We are currently running a free forum, if this takes off like I hope it will, we will switch to hosted.

Some sort of donation for ViP Jobs/Weapons/Tools will be implemented in the future.

Have fun!

What makes you think this will be different than the other 3453846346 DarkRP servers?

Dude, is this what you get on facepunch for? To be an ass?

Also, I don’t expect it to be really different than the other “3453846346” DarkRP server.

I went on, he seemed pretty cool. But he sucked black cock at prop killing.

Lol grats on 777 posts, also yeah, I don’t prop kill because its against the rules in most servers :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it was just the two of us.