JSON integer limit?

So I’m trying to store an integer of ‘os.time’ with JSON, but this is what I get:

1	=	1360169984

That was generated by this code:

local temp = { os.time() }
local str = util.TableToJSON( temp )

print( os.time() )
PrintTable( util.JSONToTable( str ) )

You can see there’s a pretty huge difference in the 2 numbers.

It’s to be stored in a MySQL database together with some other stuff, and this is what I got in the db: ‘1.36017e+09’.

Is there any way to overcome this? because I need to accurately store the time, and if I did something like substract 1.3billion or however much it is, it’d still start getting inaccurate within a few months.

They are right, the problem is how long it takes to encode and decode the JSON. JSON can store 32 bit integers which have a limit of 2147483648 for a signed value which JSON uses. Lua uses doubles for numbers so they also have to be converted.

I just noticed this wasn’t in the LUA section, shit. Can anyone move this, please?

tostring the number

Already did, but thanks. :slight_smile: