JSRF (Jet Set Radio Future) characters models! anyone to rig them?


I am working on a tool to extract JSRF models and textures, at the moment I can extract all kind of characters models, objects, menu/intefaces models except level models.

Is there anyone in here who knows(I don’t), have the time(I don’t) and the passion to rig some of these charaters and put them in gmod as ragdolls or even playable in gmod?

Its up to you guys, I am just putting that out there, I put hard work on reverse engineering JSRF files just to see the models/textures for fun, because I really like that game and already a lot of time spent on that, I don’t have time to rig em and learn how to compile them for source/gmod, but I am sure some people would love to get these in gmod, so just sharing.

These are the playable characters models (except for “DJ Professor K”)


Download the models here:


The tool to extract them from the JSRF files and updates and more renders at www.jsrf-inside.blogspot.com

Though if you do it, do it well please :wink:

Please let me know if i should post this somewhere else…

Thanks =)

Aw man I’m sorry I cannot help but I’d like to say that I would love this request to be done. Jet Set Radio is one of my favorite game and Future is one hell of a great sequel. Please, someone do this.


It is old platinum.


This is old as hell but eh…why not…support!


…Now I just need to finish the game past the first cutscene eventually.


Extreme support.

Bumping this for support


Which one would be good to do exactly?

Support! I was planning on ripping these from my xbox but now I suppose I don’t need to

Support! would anyone like to help me on a unity project in the near future? i would like to make my own version of JSRF and have been looking for these guys for a long time, so thanks a million!!!

I’d be all for helping! I’m a graphic design major so I could help along those lines.

Wow, that was pretty quick thanks devil! when do you actually want to start, because i’m pretty new to Unity so I’d like to get my bearings a little bit first if you don’t mind? and do you happen to know anyone that can script?

Edit:someone who can script better, because i’m not too good with the syntax and whatnot :confused:

I can start whenever, Take however much time you need. as far as a scriptor? idk, I go to school with video game design majors but they dont socialize much


tch, that sounds better than my school >_> anyway, cool man thanks a ton ill try to get some other people to help us out in this endeavor :slight_smile:

…this needs to happen. Gonna rig Beat. Yes. No promises on if it’ll be good, I’m still new but Beat’s so awesome I can’t deny at least an attempt!! Then Yoyo of course. Yes.

Edit: Uhhhh…the models are all… transparent for some reason. I don’t know what to do about that.

I support this!!!

Can I use these as my player model in GMod?