Jsut got a server again (after 2 years) Need help on mods'n'stuff

Hi, (hoping this is the right area for this)

I’ve just set up another Gmod server after 2 years, So im a bit out of touch on current mods and server control addons out there, Also addons that visitors would really want. Im only using what i could remember from before:

Admin mod - Evolve (Don’t really want to change, It has good features for me at the moment and i know how to use it, others i see look like they have only just started (Used to use ASSmod, Cant remember why I changed though))

Current addons:
Wire mod (SVN version)
Adv dupe’
Door stool, Ladder stool, Stacker Stool. Conan pack, buoyancy tool.
Nuke pack
PlayX Youtube player

What i need help with finding:
More use full addons for my server for visitors,
Server side scripts such as Advertisements (Smiler to SourceMod) And others people think are good and usefull
Anything else that is usefull

Thanks for reading and hopefully replying.

Hmm, some common mods on servers now seam to be things like a radio (just a music player) and a shop mod like Golden forge.

Also, you might want to get a new browser, or you just need to use your spellchecker. Good luck on finding additional mods :slight_smile:

Lol, Yeah. Mine does have it, Just didn’t notice that silly mistake. Even went and edited the title but it doesn’t update -.- .

Thanks anyway.