JTHM- the doughboys, Nailbunny and burger boy.

As you can probably tell from my last request I love JTHM.


(I suck at posing I know…but I love the model.)

What I am basically asking is would anyone like to take a shot at these other characters in the comic? I don’t want ragdolls or anything I want them as just basic props…

**The Doughboys **

Meet Mr. Eff (FUCK) and Psycho Doughboy.


Basically I want these 2 Doughboys made into props (i’ll go more into detail don’t worry.

I want one arm up on each (opposite for each guy.)

On the back of the doughboys head (the one who has the word FUCK on his Chest I would like a black spiral.

On teh back of the other doughboys head I would like there to be a arrow pointing up to the tip of his hat. (start of the arrow would be the bottom of his entire body.)

A real life representation of what they should look like (ignore the blue eyes)


a much easier thing to make would be nail bunny. He’s basically a white bunny with a nail sticking through his chest.

and a body less version of him (if you want to.)

Burger Boy.

Last but not least…Johnny’s last imaginary friend…The burger boy.

Basically this but instead of FAT on his chest make it say OBEY.

Well that’s about it. I know it’s kind of a…hefty load but if someone would help it would be great.

I would like to thank anyone who helps in advanced…sorry that there is just so much…It’s hard to find full pictures of these guys in just one picture…

Sorry if this sounds unreasonable…If a one person could make something and another something then that would work too… Thank you…

(please make everything proportional. Don’t make anything too big or too small.)

So anyone willing to work on any of these?

These would be interesting models.

Yah…I love this comic…I’m trying to get all these together for a project…(either a comic, video, something of the sort, or maybe just a background for my desktop…i still need the models no matter what though)

Oh dear, oh dear. Those Doughboys, nightmares, STAY AWAY FROM THE OVEN!