Judacris- Optional Pvp/Sleeper/Instant Craft/Active Admin/Airdrops 10+/Oxide and More!

Hello everyone Judacris is a farely new server it is about a day old now and is already showing potential! The way this server is going to be ran is by allowing players to actually enjoy the game in a PvP enviroment and give the players who want to PvP the oppurtunity to PvP aswell as allowing people who occasionally want to PvP or don’t want to PvP at all, the ability not too. I am Jude I am the admin of this server and I do not tollerate any abuse or hacking at all, PERIOD… if you abuse or hack you will be banned, what is abuse you may ask? Abuse is as follows: Building a foundation off someones door and 4 walling them in,Shelter Trapping,Purposely misplacing pillars on someones house,and finally building houses around afkers.

The server is currently running Oxide and has many plugins which include:
Chat History
Optional PvP
Private Messaging
Death Messages (Kill Feed)

As for the server properties itself:
Instant Craft
Airdrops at 10+
Active Admin
50 Slots

This server will be an enjoyable experience for anyone new or experienced so if you are interested you can simply just hit F1 when looking at the server list and in the chat box type net.connect and hit enter!



Server now has airdrops starting at 5 people, there is no longer optional pvp it is 100% pvp now.