Judgement Day for an FP member.

Left to right: Daijitsu, Starpluck, verynicelady.



oh, your’re giving the mods perskins now?


Very nice.

the lady one the left has strange shoulders

The guy in the middle is staring into my soul.

It’s A FP member.Not An

No, it is correct as it is.
An FP member.
Because you say it “eff pee” not “ffffppp.”

Like phsyko said, you are incorrect, it is AN because of the E sound.

Loving the Minigun Heavy model

I like it.

The transexual on the right . . . :pwn:

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Verynicelady blonde?

I based the skin off of her avatar which is a Asian woman.

It doesn’t look like me, more like Bjork - but nor do Starpluck and Daijitsu’s skins look like them. I do like this.

show us some pics then :q:

Zeraz, she is, like, ancient, you dunnwannit.

[sp]dun ban for small joke please[/sp]

she looks like an elderly version of the mirrors edge chick

That is not how you wear a beret. After being in a military school for a year, that’s one of my biggest pet peeves; floppy berets that the wearer made no effort to shape.

Granted, you didn’t make the model, so it’s not your fault. Aside from the shitbag beret, awesome picture