Juggernaut gazing in the wasteland sun

May be generic and boring to some but this is editing practice so criticism on the editing please. Trying out rimlightning and texturing of the terrain for the first time.


You did a good job on the texturing. The rim-lighting is a bit too strong, though. Overall it’s nice.

Yeah I also felt that I overdid the rim-lightning but it was to late to change it by then


especially on the helmet

Really nice texturing. The shading is quite good too.

The rimlighting is pretty neat.

Looks fucking awesome

nice texturing!

Thanks everybody! :3:

The suns the other way?

It says gazing in the, not into

The re-texture on the rocks looks very low-res and the terrain around him could do with some lighting edits as decent as the edits on the character himself.

That’s beautiful.

Editing’s quite nice, although his feet look like they are ghastly and immaterial.
(Yeah, I know that it’s dust-and-dirt-n-shit, but it could have been done better)