Juggernaut is breaking thin wooden wall and about to kill Opfor


Long time no see guyz

I think I need to add more motion blur…

Original : http://filesmelt.com/dl/cs_militia0015.jpg

Looks nice!

Motion blur :frowning:

yeah I’m not happy with that…


Pretty good work, nice angle, but it’s hard to spot few things as that P90.
Bit chaotic.

Cool posing and nice angle. The shading is nice. The wood could do with some texturing though and the .png loading time was irritating.

lemme know how to texturing. any tutorials?

The one thing that bugs me is the weapon of choice of the Juggernaut. The P90, while it would work wonders, looks really small on him. I only ever met one Juggernaut in-game and didn’t take the time to see what gun he was using, but I would’ve gone with something bigger than an SMG. Though maybe that’s just the influence of Facepunch speaking for me.
Either way, it does not affect the overall quality of the picture, which is quite good.

you need to upload your picture somewhere else

he usually use M240 in MW2.
but I wanted to make light-weighted action.

also I tried to make him to grab MP5K. but it wasn’t so good.
P90 was last way to me.


I always think filesmelt is best.
but if you don’t like. I’d better think another site.

This reminds me of the Irom man movie, looks cool. Arty’d.

I saw that movie. It’s awesome xD


Nice posing and angle man.

nice posing and editing, nice as always tls


“Heeerrreees Juggy!” Is all I could thing about, nicely done.

Looks good

Silly bitch, your weapons cannot harm me!

I vaguely remember that model having been released but I haven’t been able to find it, anyone got a link to it?