Juggernaut on a green Borderlands-like background

I haven’t made any pics for months.

I hope anyone likes it:

Here is the original unedited version

I like the shadow in the background.



this looks really great. could be an official wallpaper of some game

I like it, I like it lots!

Nice cell shading

Absolutely Epic! :buddy:
And where did you get that Juggernaut model (and possibly some hexed MW2 Models, because the Models I have that are basically skins for the orignal CS:S Models are really lame, unfingerposable, and just plain bad, so could you help a guy out?) plox.

Very nice

Fallout lands 4

Epic out the ass.

Interesting. I quite like it.

Where’s his thumb?

I like it except for the weird glow on the gun.


I don’t know why but I always think of the beta Clear Sky armor when I see that model.

I saw your borderlands.
Nice pose and Edit